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Anti-moss copper roof tape

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Copper roof cleaning anti moss tape 15cm x 5m

Copper is really effective against moss, lichens and algae.
This is thanks to the CU 2+ ions, which the copper releases over time.

Air and water that has contact with the copper tape will oxidize and release the copper ions which are harmful to moss, algae and lichens.
All this is a natural process that is 100% eco-friendly.

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The back of the tape is fully coated with butyl adhesive which is self adhesive.

This allows the tape to adapt to the shape of the bricks.


It is recommended to not adhere the copper tape on the ridge. Instead, it should be installed right under the ridge for the most optimal performance.

This is because there is a better flow of rainwater on the side of the roof compared to the ridge that only receives the water that falls directly onto it.
Ensure a clean and dry surface before the montage to improve its adhesion.

The recommended temperature during the installation is 5 degrees Celsius or higher as butyl adhesive will be less effective when used on a cold day.
To montage place the tape in the desired location, remove the protective layer.
Finally, press the tape with a hand or a roller to ensure that it is stuck to the roof.

How does it work?

Product description:

Moss Tape is a honeycomb pattern, which when pressed on the surface, allows you to shape the tape in all directions freely and easily. Thanks to this technology, the flexibility of copper is comparable to that of lead tapes.
The adhesive layer is made of butyl, which is characterized by high viscosity and adhesion to the surface.
Roll length 5000mm (5 meters), width 150mm.


After some time, atmospheric conditions make the tiles an ideal place for moss or other lichens. This process although very slow is harmful to the roof. During the rooting of these tiny organisms small, microscopic cracks are formed.
The roof loses its durability and aesthetic value. Moss and lichen cause the water to not flow freely from the roof. This has a negative impact on the tiles and on the functioning of the entire roof structure.

Chemical properties of copper:

On the top, copper forms a natural protective layer (patina) composed of alkaline copper salts such as copper carbonate, copper sulfate or, near the sea, copper chloride, which protect the metal very well against the aggressive effects of the atmosphere.
The colour of the protective layer changes with time - from red-brown, through dark brown to green. The speed of patina formation depends on certain conditions (air composition, humidity, and dust in the air).
It varies from 4 years in marine conditions, 8 years in industrial conditions, 15 years in urban conditions and even 30 years in rural conditions.

Erosion of the protective coating of copper:

The average erosion rate of the protective coating depends on weathering conditions and is about 0.8 µm in marine conditions, about 2.0 µm in industrial conditions, about 0.8 µm in urban conditions, and about 0.4 µm in rural conditions.

Desired action:

Erosion of the protective coating occurs due to chemical reactions and thermal movement of the metal sheet. During these processes, copper salts (copper carbonate, copper sulfate, and copper chloride) are washed away by rain and settle on the elements below the copper line.

The salts provide incredibly good protection against mosses and other lichens. This process is 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Every time it rains, the roof is coated with a layer of alkaline copper salts, so that it will serve you for longer.

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Item Thickness
Approx 0.8mm The thickness of one roll is approximately 0.8mm
Item Width
15 cm The width of one roll is 15cm
Copper This product is made our of Copper with the back of the tape is fully coated with butyl adhesive which is self adhesive.
Item Length
5 meters The total length of 1 roll is 5 meters.
David Skilleter 27/04/2024

Have just purchased and installed the anti moss roll.
What a fantastic product. I wish I had known about it prior to years of damage during the winter caused by the moss freezing and then cracking tiles. we've ended up replacing the tiles so this will be a fresh start.

I'll get my money back after the first year as the cost was as much as the annual cleaning and replacing broken tiles, etc.
So easy to install. The neighbours are very interested and looking to do there roofs as we live in an area subject to a lot of moss growing.
Well done Homemerce

Noo Jarvill 27/03/2024

This company went above and beyond to get the product I needed, to me as quickly as possible. Such excellent, friendly, efficient customer service, with the rolls of copper roofing tape on my doorstep less than 24hours after I ordered it. Just excellent. Thank you!

RITA 15/11/2023

Excellent product. Excellent service from Homemerce. Order was despatched promptly and delivered on time without damage. Highly recommend.

T E 22/10/2023

After researching how to prevent further moss growth I found copper tape to be the answer. I’ve had a new roof layer incorporating the copper tape fitting it under the ridge tiles. My house in Scotland has half the roof north facing and gathers moss each year. It will be interesting to see how the roof looks in a year.
Good service from Homerce throughout dealing with them.
It’s not possible to grade this product. In a years time I’ll be the wiser.

Anna 02/06/2023

Easy installation and quality is noticeable. Can't yet tell anything abt the effectiveness as only time will show.