Homemerce Ltd: Your One-Stop Shop for Custom Mouldings and Interior Covings in the UK

Finding the perfect mouldings to elevate your home’s interior and exterior with elegance and sophistication can be a challenge. With so many options on the market, how do you know which products will meet your unique needs and stand the test of time? As a leading UK provider of high-quality mouldings and covings for over a decade, Homemerce Ltd has the solutions professional builders, architects, interior designer and do-it-yourselfers are looking for.
Homemerce Ltd is one of the largest companies in the UK that offers a wide range of home improvement products and home decorations, with a specialisation in interior and exterior covings design.

Problems Facing Builders and Homeowners

When undertaking interior and exterior design projects, builders and homeowners often face frustrations such as:

  • Limited Selection - Big box stores offer a narrow range of sizes, styles and materials. This makes it hard to find the ideal design.
  • Low Quality - Cheap mouldings made from inferior materials warp, crack and deteriorate quickly.
  • Lack of Customisation - Off-the-shelf products don’t allow for bespoke designs to suit your vision.
  • Difficult Installation - Flimsy mouldings that aren’t robust enough can be challenging and time-consuming to install properly.
  • Lack of Expert Guidance - Without the right support, achieving your desired look can be frustrating.

The Homemerce Solution

After listening to customer challenges for years, Homemerce Ltd set out to provide an unparalleled selection of high-quality, customisable mouldings supported by real expertise for both residential and commercial settings.

Here’s how we deliver:

Extensive Selection - Homemerce.com offers the UK’s largest range of profiles, sizes, materials and designs to achieve any aesthetic.

Superior Quality - Mouldings constructed from robust durable EPS polystyrene and plaster-coated Their covings are built to last

Customisation - Get mouldings tailored to your exact specifications with custom designs and dimensions.

Easy Installation - Sturdy construction allows for smooth installation, saving builders time and costs. In most cases, you’ll only need a solvent-free adhesive to fix their mouldings to your walls.

Long-Lasting - Made from waterproof, warp-proof, UV-resistant, crack-resistant materials, their mouldings stand the test of time.

Cost-Effective - Top quality materials and easy installation provide maximum ROI over the years.

Expert Guidance - Their knowledgeable team provides end-to-end support for any project, big or small.

Trusted Reputation - With over a decade of experience supplying mouldings across the UK, Homemerce has earned a reputation for excellence.

Choose Homemerce for All Your Moulding Needs

Whether you’re a builder, architect, developer looking for quality products to delight clients or a homeowner in search of the perfect mouldings to elevate your space, Homemerce has you covered. Their unrivaled selection, customisation options, quality materials and expert guidance make achieving your vision easy and enjoyable.

Contact Homemerce today to explore how their interior and exterior mouldings can bring your next project to life.

Our recent feedback from our Customers

Thanks to our team's 14 years of experience in eCommerce and accumulated amounts of knowledge we are able to provide the best customer service possible. This is what our customers say:

In our range of products you can find:

Indirect Lightning - stylish covings that let you install LED lights inside of the coving that will shine out brightening your room.
Uplighting Covings - stylish covings that let you install LED lights that will shine towards your ceiling
Sidelighting Covings - stylish coving that let you install LED lights that will shine towards your walls
Downlights Covings - stylish coving that let you install downlights inside
Ceiling Covings - stylish coving that can will decorate your ceiling
Wall Covings - stylish coving that will decorate the top of your walls
Decoration Wall Bars - wall bars that will add that extra design to your rooms when installed on your walls
Curtain Cover Covings - stylish coving that can be installed above your curtains
✅Wall panels - our 3D panels will help you hide any unevenness in the walls. The material from which our panels are made is a high-quality PVC material.
✅Accessories - a variety of accessories for home decorations

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