We are capable to create made-to-order - custom designs based on your requirements.

Simply contact us and let us know exactly what you require and we will help you as soon as possible.

A sample drawing of custom design

What do we require to start a custom project?

Ideally, you should provide a drawing that shows exactly what shape and dimensions you require. Another important price factor is how many metres you need. Our production lanes are set to produce covings in 2 metres lengths only. So the minimum order quantity would be 2 metres.

We can prepare custom models without drawing (especially when there are only some minor changes to the standard models and sizes already listed on our website), however, having more details would help us with the new design.

Please remember that the more details we have - the easier it is for us to make exactly what you need!

Once we receive all information from you the quote will be ready within 2 working days

The mouldings can be produced from XPS or EPS plaster-coated (the premium version which is very durable, water-resistant, and fire retardant). We will recommend you the best material to meet your project requirements.

Last but not least, we would need your shipping address as this might also have an effect on the total price for your order.

Project from our satisfied customers using custom made designs.