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Exterior moulding installation

Tips for installation

The product is easy for cutting by saw using a mitre box, manual or electric mitre saw.
Our exterior mouldings are coated in paintable coating and are designed to be painted using any exterior, masonry, façade or interior paint.
We will add a sufficient amount of coating mass to your order free of charge.
The coating mass will be the same as the coating itself so it can be used to cover the joins and make them not visible after the installation.
Adhesives are dependent on the surface.

If the surface that you are attaching the mouldings to is brick then it is important to have an adhesive for exterior use that works with EPS polystyrene and brick.
Below I have linked examples of adhesives that should work but before purchasing any of them please ensure that they will work with your surface and polystyrene:
for polystyrene - Ceresit ZU
for polystyrene CT84
tile adhesive for exterior use
multipurpose adhesive for exterior use – solvent-free (in tubes)
(Or similar)
The moulding will be coated on all sides with the exception of the side that will be in direct contact with the wall so it is important that the adhesive is solvent-free and that it will work with polystyrene and the surface you are attaching the moulding to.
Normally, screws or nails are not required but in some cases, it might be a good idea to use small nails to hold the moulding in place while the adhesive dries and then remove them afterwards.

Live photos during and after installation from our satisfied customers!



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