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Wall Slatted 3D EPS Wall Panel Cladding 200x20cm

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This product has a minimum quantity of 4

Wall Slatted 3D EPS Luxury Cladding Wall Panels

Panel dimensions: 

Length: 200cm

Width: 20 cm

Depth: 1.5 cm

One panel covers 0.4m2

Minimum order: 4 panels (1.6m2)

Enhance Your Space with 3D Slatted Decorative Wall Panels

Discover the versatile application of our 3D Slatted Decorative Wall Panels, expertly crafted from plaster-coated EPS.

These 3D wall panels improve your surroundings in terms of appearance, functionality, and endurance.

3D Slatted Wall Panels are a design solution that enhances both the visual appeal and practicality of interior and exterior spaces.

By applying our wall panels, your walls gain warmth and texture, combining aesthetic appeal with durability.

Check out our hammer test:

Available colours:

Winchester, Gold Oak, Oak, Sonoma, Hazelnut

Installation is quick and easy with exterior solvent-free adhesives.

Our panels are easy to cut by a saw using, a manual or electric mitre saw.

To fix the EPS panels to your walls you need to use a solvent-free adhesive for exterior use. 

We recommend using: 

  • A low-expanding polyurethane foam adhesive like CT84 or similar.  

  • A tile adhesive for exterior use 

  • A multipurpose adhesive for exterior use - solvent-free (in tubes)

Modern Minimalist Wall Insulation

Experience superior thermal comfort with our Fluted Decorative Wall Panels, fashioned from highly efficient heat-insulating EPS-200 material. Enjoy notable reductions in energy expenditure while maintaining a cosy indoor environment.

Protection From the Weather Conditions

Our EPS wall panels provide unrivalled defence against environmental conditions. From cracks caused by temperature fluctuations to damage from rain, humidity, and sunlight, these panels fortify your walls with resilience. Moreover, they bolster the structural integrity of your building, offering maximum safeguarding against dampness and mold.

Effortless Lasting Appeal

Embrace the convenience of low-maintenance exterior and interior surfaces with our Fluted Decorative Wall Panels. With minimal repair and cleaning requirements, these panels retain their pristine appearance over time, ensuring enduring beauty without undue hassle.

Item Width
20cm Width 20cm
EPS-200 polystyrene Durable coated EPS-200 polystyrene
Item Length
200cm Length 200cm
Panel Thickness
1.5cm Thickness is approx. 1.5 cm

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