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EPS Plaster coated - Quoins 20x30x25cm L-shape

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Easy-to-fit lightweight exterior moulding in plaster coating

This product is dispatched in two parts:
Small Quoin 20cm x 25cm
Large Quoin 30cm x 25cm

      • The unique technology of manufacturing
      • EPS-200 polystyrene base coated with resin quartz
      • Our machine-coated technology of manufacturing provides an extremely durable surface
      • Perfect protection against weather conditions
      • UV-protection & environment-friendly
      • Mould-resistant
      • Easy and quick installation
      • No screws or nails required
      • Long-lasting, durable and shock-resistant
      • Even 90% lighter than its concrete counterpart
      • Protects the underlying brickwork

      Exterior Masonry Cladding "L - shape" Corner Quoins 
      Cut on one side to allow joining on the corner of the building. It is a 45-degree cut which will make a 90-degree angle when joined with each other.
      Please contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to have a different cut or size.

      We are also capable of creating our products in any dimension on a special request.
      Contact us for more info!

      BO2 Quoins BO range
      EPS-200 polystyrene coated in plaster Lightweight EPS-200 most durable polystyrene coated in plaster/acrylic coating. This material is easy to cut.
      Light Grey (paintable) Product colour is light grey, designed to be painted with water-based exterior paint

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