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PLAID 3D Effect Wall Panels XPS 50x50cm

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PLAID 3D Effect Wall Panels XPS

The XPS material used for the panels is completely smooth, and its structure is not visible, unlike in the case of EPS Styrofoam panels. The wall panel imitates natural patterns. The pattern on the panel is of high-quality printing. The panel can perfectly replace a futuristic background.

Minimum order 6 panels (1.5 m2 or 16.14 ft2) 

Height: 50 cm (19.68 inch)

Width: 50 cm (19.68 inch)

Area: 0.25 m2 (2.69 ft2)

Material Thickness: 3mm

Made of: XPS Polystyrene Foam

➡️ Are your walls and ceilings crying out for a makeover? Do you crave a unique and affordable solution to transform your living space? Look no further! Our Polystyrene Decorative Wall Panels are the answer you've been searching for.

➡️ High aesthetic values, various designs, a rich color palette, and a low price make panels a very attractive item for quickly and affordably refreshing walls and ceilings in a home or apartment. The distinct 3D effect will give each wall a completely different and original appearance.

➡️ Imagine a home adorned with high-quality, 3D-effect panels that effortlessly mimic the sophistication of futuristic shapes. Unlike Styrofoam alternatives, our panels, crafted from premium Polystyrene, guarantee a smooth finish, and their structure remains discreet.

➡️The rich colour palette and diverse designs offer you endless possibilities to redefine your living space. It is made of high-quality polystyrene foam. The material used for the panels is completely smooth, and its structure is not visible, unlike in the case of Styrofoam panels.

➡️ Are you tired of expensive contractors and cumbersome installation processes? Do you wish to revamp your home without breaking the bank? Our panels are the ultimate solution! Save both time and money with easy installation, eliminating the need for costly professionals. Unleash your creativity without compromise.

Why Choose Our XPS Wall Panels

- High-Quality XPS: Smooth finish, no visible structure.

- 3D Stone Effect: Achieve sophistication without the hefty price tag.

- Easy Installation: Say goodbye to expensive contractors.

- Cost-Effective: Capture the same elegance as more expensive alternatives.

- Universal Design: Ideal for various interior decorations.

- Water and dirt resistance: The item is not resistant to high temperatures. The item should not be put to extended contact with water. it can be lightly cleaned.


Fix the panels on SOLVENT-FREE adhesive:

Penosil, Bostik, Den Braven, Instant Nails, Hard as Nails, No Nonsense Grab, Gripfill mounting adhesive.

One tube is sufficient for attaching 5 m2 of panels.

The panels must not be placed in places with high traffic or places directly exposed to impacts and mechanical damage.

The item is not resistant to high temperatures and humidity.

⚠️We do not recommend installing panels in places with an open flame source (fireplace, gas stove, etc.).

For electric or induction cookers, maintain a minimum distance of 30 cm or use tempered glass.

Due to different production batches, panels purchased from the same auction but at different times may differ in shade. To avoid the differences mentioned above, it is worth stocking up on the appropriate number of panels so as not to have to extend the arrangement. Otherwise, there is a risk of purchasing panels with visible colour differences.


Can the panels be used outside?
XPS cladding is suggested for indoor use as decoration panels.

Can cladding panels be used in a shower room?
– No. The panels themselves are waterproof but it is very tricky to secure them in a way that the water does not go between the wall and the panels.

Can 3d brick effect wall panels be put over existing wall tiles?
– Yes, providing that the adhesive supports that and that the surface is flat enough for the panels to stick onto.

Can XPS panels be put straight onto brick?
Yes, a strong adhesive such as polymer or acrylic adhesive for XPS is recommended (e.g., Soudal Fix, Instant adhesive etc.).

Are panels good for a small area?
Yes, panels can be cut easily as needed.

Are these 3D effect tiles a sticker?
– No, every panel needs to be installed using an adhesive. We recommend strong glue as polymer or acrylic adhesive for PVC

Finish type faux wall panels - shine or matt?
– The finish is somewhere in the middle depending on the model. Cladding sheets are flexible and hallow.

Once complete will be wall textured or smooth?  
Panels are not smooth – the exact texture depends on the design. Please refer to the live images on the listing.

Can the panels be cut around plug sockets and switches?
Yes, it is easy - just cut around and leave 5 mm extra to tuck behind the plug socket - good snap-off knife will do the work.

What about corners and edges and corners?
You can use trims or silicone sealant.


3D effect K05, K06, K110
Polystyrene Foam (XPS)
Item Length
Item Height (Projection)
Panel Thickness
up to 4cm (The panel is embossed, so these two parameters differ)
No (Use solvent-free adhesives only!)
3D Effect

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