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XPS COVING LED Lighting cornice - BFS12 100mm x 80mm x 12 meters EXPRESS DELIVERY

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Easy-to-fit lightweight coving

100mm x 80mm x 12 meters BFS12​


PLEASE NOTE: These coving pieces are being offered at an exceptional 60% discount from our regular pricing due to minor imperfections incurred during storage and handling. The lengths may exhibit negligible dents, scratches, or flaws in the surface structure, though the core integrity and functionality remain intact.Any small marks can be readily addressed for an imperceptible finish, either through trimming off a marginal portion of the coving or applying a standard wall filler compound.  Proper installation methods will yield a high-quality customised result at a fraction of the usual cost. This represents an outstanding value opportunity for significant savings on coving with full durability. Minor cosmetic defects do not diminish the life expectancy or performance of the product in any way. With a small investment of time and touch-up materials, the huge markdown in price will be virtually undetectable in the finished look.

The design of our products makes it very easy to install or refurbish as well as add LED lighting

Made from very strong XPS polystyrene

  • The products are easy for cutting by knife or by saw using a mitre box, manual or electric mitre saw
  • Adds a great aesthetic to the room
  • Easy and quick installation by one person, no screws or nails required
  • ONLY solvent free adhesive can be used for installation and fixing (available in any DIY shop)
  • Any gaps can be filled with acrylic caulk or filler
  • Coving is suitable for sanding with high grit (+120 grit) sandpaper
  • Ready to paint finish using water-based paint (2-3 coats are normally sufficient)
  • This product is water-resistant and fire retardant
  • Water and humidity resistant which makes them suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms as well as any other room indoor
  • Durable and shock-resistant
  • LED lights are not included
  • Supplied in lengths of 2 meters

We supply pre-cut mitred corners to ease and simplify installation. Just fix the corner in place and butt joint the length of coving to the corner.

Every corner comes in a pair of 2 pieces where each piece is approx. 20cm long and cut at a 45-degree angle. 

We are offering internal (going inwards) and external (going outwards) corners.


We are capable of creating our products in any dimension on a special request.
Contact us for more info!

BFS12 Standard BFS range
XPS polystyrene Lightweight XPS durable polystyrene. This material is easy to cut even with regular snap-off knife.
White Product colour is white, designed to be painted with water-based paint
Item Length
2 Meters (± 1%) Total length of each coving is 2 meters (± 1%). Easy to cut and join during the installation.