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XPS COVING Ceiling cornice - BLX5

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Easy-to-fit lightweight coving

The design of our products makes it very easy to install or refurbish

Made from very strong XPS polystyrene

  • The products are easy for cutting by knife or by saw using a mitre box, manual or electric mitre saw
  • Adds a great aesthetic to the room
  • Easy and quick installation by one person, no screws or nails required
  • ONLY solvent free adhesive can be used for installation and fixing (available in any DIY shop)
  • Any gaps can be filled with acrylic caulk or filler
  • Coving is suitable for sanding with high grit (+120 grit) sandpaper
  • Ready to paint finish using water-based paint (2-3 coats are normally sufficient)
  • This product is water-resistant and fire retardant
  • Water and humidity resistant which makes them suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms as well as any other room indoor
  • Durable and shock-resistant
  • Supplied in lengths of 2 meters

We supply pre-cut mitred corners to ease and simplify installation. Just fix the corner in place and butt joint the length of coving to the corner.

Every corner comes in a pair of 2 pieces where each piece is approx. 20cm long and cut at a 45-degree angle. 

We are offering internal (going inwards) and external (going outwards) corners.


We are capable of creating our products in any dimension on a special request.
Contact us for more info!

BLX5 Standard BLX range
XPS polystyrene Lightweight XPS durable polystyrene. This material is easy to cut even with regular snap-off knife.
White Product colour is white, designed to be painted with water-based paint
Item Length
2 Meters (± 1%) Total length of each coving is 2 meters (± 1%). Easy to cut and join during the installation.

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Andrew 09/10/2023

Lovely stuff to put up - very light, easily cut and holds well with Super Cove (or similar) adhesive - remember it's got to be water based adhesive!
After a couple of coats of emulsion, you'd never know that it's a styrene product - nearly done the whole house now.
If you're on it, then 50m (or so) of coving takes a day to cut / put up, a day to fill the edges between ceiling / walls etc. and then another day to paint.
A little tip - if the walls are not going to be the same colour as the coving, then don't fill the edge between the wall and the coving - this allows you room to put a thin piece of card between the two when you are painting, saving A LOT of time trying to cut-in while painting (you're welcome!)